Monday, February 26, 2018

Social Studies Curriculum Meeting Feb. 26

Click on the following link, Working Document

LT: I can demonstrate whether or not our Soc Stu Stu Profile aligns with pre-existing state standards.

Using the following resources:

Working in the following Groups:
Elementary 3rd-4th
Elementary 5th-6th
Middle School 7th & 8th
High School 9th-10th
High School 11th-12th


By Grade & Subject

Each group will identify State Standards (content specific and literacy) that align with our “Social Studies Student Profile”
  1. One member of your group will make a copy of this document
  2. Please identify your group at the top of your shared page.
  3. Share the document with the rest of your group and with me at
  4. Type (or copy and paste) in your standards under the “State Standard” column or under the profile descriptor.

Next Step:
Vertical Alignment:
Content & Projects: Utah History in Elementary, Jr. High, High School
Research, Literacy, & Analysis Skills: scaffolding

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