New Teacher Tips

Checklist: Before School Starts
1.  Your school computer, user name & passwords for: Timpview Network, Powerschool, Kelly Services, use Daniel's videos to get trained up on your computer and technology available here at THS.
2.  Keys to your classroom and office from Clay Bingham
3.  Textbooks for you and your students from your Department Chair.  Training on how to check textbooks in and out through the library.  Use your textbook form.
4.  State Standards, Utah Common Core from your mentor teacher
5.  Curriculum materials: Scope & Sequence, Essential Learning Standards (Learning Targets & Rubrics), Unit Plans, Lessons Plans, Common Assessments from your Mentor of Collaboration partner.
6.  Order your classroom supplies.  You can get a form from Kim Davidson in the main office.
7.  Create your disclosure document, your parent consent letter, and your first day activities.  This is also a good time to talk about communication with parents.
8.  Have your mentor show you how to use the copy machines, get your code from Pat Gertsner
9.  Have your mentor take you on a tour of the counseling office, the main office, the faculty bathrooms, the copy room, the computer labs, the financial office (Introduce yourself to everyone.)
10.  Powerschool: Mentor should show you how to find your student's 504s and IEPs (Accommodations), how to create a seating chart, and how to take attendance.
11.  Write the counseling office and ask for a TA or two.  (you can only have two TAs per term.)  Mentor should explain what you can and can not use a TA for.

Checklist: During the first week of school 
1.  Powergrade: Mentor should show you how to set up your categories, enter an assignment, and record a score.  They can also show you a few of the report options (Attendance & Individual Student Report).
2.  Log Entries: Mentor should show you how to enter a log entry.
3.  Substitutes:  Mentor should show you how to log onto Kelly Services, request a sub, and provide you some ideas for Sub friendly lesson plans.

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