Thursday, February 20, 2014

513 Week 5 Multimedia Instruction

The timing for the assignment was excellent.  Tomorrow I will be teaching a lesson in my World Geography class about the break up of Yugoslavia.  We will discuss the factors that hold a nation together or help to pull it apart.  For years I have wanted to put together a quick case study about the conditions in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion and see if the students could apply the lessons learned in Yugoslavia to the situation in Iraq.  So for this assignment, I finally put together the Iraq Case Study.  Here it is:

I think I did a good job of limiting the text (coherence principle) and keeping the text that I did use concise and properly paired up with the images I selected (modality principle).  I also used the subject heading of each slide to "signal" the tone, focus, and message of each slide.  As I got the end of my presentation I went back and "segmented"/reorganized or deleted slides to make sure that it was all in a logical order and manageable chunks.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Creating My Learning Log

This has been a learning process, I made this page for a class last summer and I have since used it for a few other classes.  I was able to keep it all categorized by putting each classes posts on separate pages as opposed to actual posts on the main blog page.  As I went about trying to figure out how to create "Labels" I discovered that you can only attach "Labels" to posts and not to page updates.  So I have moved my EDTECH 513 Learning Log out onto my main page.

(Here is what I wrote earlier when I was hoping to keep it all on a single "Page")
I'll begin with full disclosure, I have created several different web pages and blog sites for different classes in this program.  I am very relieved that we are encouraged to use Blogger for this assignment.  Where I am stepping away from the approved guidelines is I am hoping that it is okay that I set this "Learning Log" up as a page on my "Stevenson's Teaching Tools" pre-existing blog.  If this is going to be a problem, I can pull it out onto the overall blog and post all my learning logs as posts and not just as entries onto this one page.

AECT Standards: 1.2 Message Design, 2.2 Audiovisual Technologies, 2.3 Computer Based Technologies

A Blog is a combination of the above three mentioned AECT standards, you are using a computer based system to deliver audiovisual samples to communicate a specific message.

After working through the "Label" process, it appears that if I want to attach Labels to my posts, I can't just make updates on a single page, I need to make my weekly responses in an actual post.  So I am now posting this on my main page.