Thursday, February 20, 2014

513 Week 5 Multimedia Instruction

The timing for the assignment was excellent.  Tomorrow I will be teaching a lesson in my World Geography class about the break up of Yugoslavia.  We will discuss the factors that hold a nation together or help to pull it apart.  For years I have wanted to put together a quick case study about the conditions in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion and see if the students could apply the lessons learned in Yugoslavia to the situation in Iraq.  So for this assignment, I finally put together the Iraq Case Study.  Here it is:

I think I did a good job of limiting the text (coherence principle) and keeping the text that I did use concise and properly paired up with the images I selected (modality principle).  I also used the subject heading of each slide to "signal" the tone, focus, and message of each slide.  As I got the end of my presentation I went back and "segmented"/reorganized or deleted slides to make sure that it was all in a logical order and manageable chunks.

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