Saturday, February 8, 2014

Creating My Learning Log

This has been a learning process, I made this page for a class last summer and I have since used it for a few other classes.  I was able to keep it all categorized by putting each classes posts on separate pages as opposed to actual posts on the main blog page.  As I went about trying to figure out how to create "Labels" I discovered that you can only attach "Labels" to posts and not to page updates.  So I have moved my EDTECH 513 Learning Log out onto my main page.

(Here is what I wrote earlier when I was hoping to keep it all on a single "Page")
I'll begin with full disclosure, I have created several different web pages and blog sites for different classes in this program.  I am very relieved that we are encouraged to use Blogger for this assignment.  Where I am stepping away from the approved guidelines is I am hoping that it is okay that I set this "Learning Log" up as a page on my "Stevenson's Teaching Tools" pre-existing blog.  If this is going to be a problem, I can pull it out onto the overall blog and post all my learning logs as posts and not just as entries onto this one page.

AECT Standards: 1.2 Message Design, 2.2 Audiovisual Technologies, 2.3 Computer Based Technologies

A Blog is a combination of the above three mentioned AECT standards, you are using a computer based system to deliver audiovisual samples to communicate a specific message.

After working through the "Label" process, it appears that if I want to attach Labels to my posts, I can't just make updates on a single page, I need to make my weekly responses in an actual post.  So I am now posting this on my main page.

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