Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Links Post

This assignment is rather timely, the main focus of this blog is to collect resources that will be useful to me, my students, or other teachers in days to come.  I have come across a few resources recently that I would like to record.  In the future it is my intent to parce these links by topic and put them on their respective page (Geog, Psych, AP Psych, etc).  But for now I will through them in right here.

I'll start with a link that I found on the 7 Days example.  My students really struggle with making quality slides for powerpoint presentations and I have yet to find a solid example of how it should be done, so I may end up using Top 10 Sites for Creating Slide Shows by David Kapuler.

I spent some time looking for blogs to add to my blog roll and I found a fabulous blog for my Psych and AP Psych classes.  It is title  It is a forum for Psychology teachers to post resources for other Psychology teachers to use.  For example I found a link to a site titled, about statistics.  Social Psychology is my absolute favorite and they have a link to 65 different posts dealing with lesson ideas or resources to teach the topics.  This one blog has so many amazing resources, I wish I would have found it years ago.

One of the things that many of my Geography students struggle with is learning where all the countries of the world are located.  I usually have them label a map, (pretty old school, right) but I have since found a few different sites that have games that help students study.  One is Sheppards Software, another one is Geosense, and a final one is hosted by National Geographic.


  1. Jeremy, an interesting way to present the Links Entry (and one I don't see often). Most often it comes in the form of an annotated list of links, but you've provided the contextual aspects of how you came across each link, providing another model (beyond the samples I gave) on how to accomplish this task.

  2. Jeremy, I liked the conversational way you presented your links.It has a more personal tone than an annotated list. Nice work!