Saturday, July 6, 2013

List Post #2: Mr. Stevenson's Top 5 Foreign Films

I require my World Geography students to watch 4 foreign films while they are in my class.  Every term I get several students asking me what films I recommend.  So this list post will go well with my World Geography blog.

1.  To Live:  I am a huge fan of Chinese films and this one is amazing (amazingly depressing).  It follows the life of a lady throughout the Communist take over of China.
2.  Not One Less: This is another Chinese film that is less depressing.  A young teen is made the substitute teacher for her rural classroom and told by the teacher to ensure that all the students are there when he gets back.
3.  The Way Home: This a Korean film about a spoiled little boy who is sent to live with his crippled Grandmother.
4.  Turtles Can Fly:  This is another really sad movie about Iraqi refugees near the Turkish border in 2003.
5.  Happy People: A year in the Taiga This is actually a documentary about the lives of Hunters and Trappers in the middle of Siberia.

For more mature audiences I would also recommend:
1.  Raise the Red Lantern
2.  Cinema Paradiso
3.  Stalingrad
4.  City of God
5.  J.S.A

Foreign Films for Extra Credit (these were released in major theaters throughout the US)

1.  Life is Beautiful
2.  Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
3.  Hero
4.  Slumdog Millionaire
5.  The Kite Runner

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  1. What a creative activity for a World Geography course and quite effective as well. I currently do not watch many foreign films, but I have been quite interested in expanding my viewing palate. Your list gives me an excellent selection to start from. Thanks for sharing this!