Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 8 Blog #1: Videos for Psychology

I really enjoyed putting together the list of video clips for my Geography class, so I have decided to do something similar for my Psychology class.

In AP Psychology we discuss languages and some of the complications that learners encounter.  This clip from Brian Regan really helps illustrate the complexity of some languages.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about disorders.  I found this clip from Stephen Fry to be very informative.

Another topic we discuss is creativity in education.  Sir Ken Robinson has revolutionized the world of creativity in education.

Once we are done with this class, I intend to move all these videos into my Psychology Resource Page.

Are these videos on the right level for 10 grade through 12 grade students?


  1. I love the Brian Regan clip. What a great way to convey a lesson. Do you find that using humor helps students to understand the lesson better? I always like to use humor whenever I can. I feel like my students engage better.

  2. Jenni,

    The kids loved this clip and it helped explain a boring yet important concept on how some languages work. Any of my students who have learned a second language, particularly my ELL students can really relate.


  3. Jeremy,these are excellent video examples. I think the variety is important as well. I am sure your students appreciate this very much. I found Stephen Fry's video extremely interesting and very courageous.
    Sir Ken Robinson is one of my favorite speakers and this talk is particularly good. Brian Regan's piece was funny but very telling at the same time. Great choices!