Friday, July 26, 2013

Video Post: Three best videos for a World Geography

I love, love, love these three videos.  The first one is really sad, the second is hilarious, and the third is amazing and very thought provoking.

I have used the first video, "Ms. South Carolina" on the first day of class to introduce the importance of studying Geography (and public speech, for that matter).

I have not used the second video "What kind of Asian are you" yet, I just discovered it this summer, but when we learn about Asia, I teach a lesson about cultural awareness and stereotypes.

The final video, "The Single Story", I use in both my geography class and my psychology class to address stereotypes.


  1. You've chosen an interesting mix of videos! All of them can be powerful learning tools. What a way for Miss Teen South Carolina to be known! Your second video made me laugh out loud! Your last choice is wonderful for introducing a great discussion about stereotypes. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Angela,

    I like the range of emotions that they all invoke, embarrassment, humor, shame in some cases. All of them make me stop and think, "Do I do that?" Thanks for your feedback.